Friday, August 5, 2011

Reserve Bank of India launched Industrial Outlook Survey for the July-September 2011

The Reserve Bank of India on 3 August 2011 launched its Industrial Outlook Survey for the July-September 2011 period. The Industrial Outlook Survey provides for an insight into the perception of non-financial public and private limited companies that are engaged in manufacturing activities about their performance and future prospects.

The responsibility for conducting the research on behalf of the central bank was bestowed on Centre for Research Planning and Action (CERPA). The CERPA is to get in touch with several manufacturing companies during the quarter July-September for seeking their valuable feedback so that it can be included in the survey. The survey is to cover non-financial private and public limited companies with a good size/industry representation. Those manufacturing companies which are not approached by CERPA can also participate in the survey by downloading the survey schedule from RBI’s official website.

The assessment of business sentiments for the present quarter and expectations for the ensuing quarter are based on qualitative responses to 20 major parameters. The parameters include overall business and financial situations, demand indicators, price and employment expectations, profit margins etc.

The survey aimed to provide useful forward looking inputs for policymakers, analysts and businesses.
The RBI has been conducting the Industrial Outlook Survey on a quarterly basis since 1998.


CERPA was established in 1972 and conducts social science research, provides consultancy on developmental issues, helps planners and policymakers and provides charitable services to the disadvantaged and poor sections of the country.

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